There has been a sudden spurt in hair loss cases currently. The problem of baldness was predominant amongst middle ages men only about a couple of decades ago. But the scenario is totally changed now. What is particularly worrying now is that the number of cases amongst the youth including both males and females has risen sharply. The causes of rapid hair loss are many. It may be due to hormonal factors like Androgenic Alopecia. Others may include lifestyle factors like stress, poor nutrition, and lack of rest. Regular use of harmful hair styling gels and hair styling products may also be a probable cause for the same. Apart from the regular causes of rapid hair loss, washing hair in hard water may be a cause which we may often overlook.

What is hard water and why it results Rapid Hair Fall

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Hard water has a high mineral content – especially calcium and magnesium – in comparison to soft water. It may damage both your hair and skin. The damage which hard water causes may not appear overnight, but gradually occurs over time. But when you repeatedly wash your hair with it, the minerals which dissolved in hard water gradually keeps getting deposited and creates a scaly film on the hair. This prevents moisture from entering the hair. As a result the hair tends to get very dry and dull. Besides this film of minerals gradually build up on the scalp as well causing dandruff like condition to form. The problem can seem more difficult when soap is applied and rinsed off with hard water. Excess minerals in water form magnesium and calcium salts that do not get easily dissolved in water. This results in coarse surface of hair shaft. The result is that the colour of the hair may change. This also ultimately causes rapid hair fall as well.

Steps for prevention

It is difficult for you to stay without washing your hair over a long time. So if you are reside in a place where the water is hard, it may indeed be a genuine problem. If it is so then you may try to avoid frequent washing of your hair. Another tip may be application of vinegar. It helps to maintain the pH level of your hair. It is also believed that application of lime to your hair carries out a similar function.  Using a water softener is another effective way to resolve the problem though it may be expensive. In case you use a shower using a shower filter may be a cheaper alternative to a water softener.

Whatever be the case, hard water is a cause for rapid hair fall. So in case your use hard water on your hair you must take steps to restrict its use. You may also try out some of the tips mentioned above. Otherwise with rapid hair loss or baldness hair transplantation may be the ultimate solution. Cosmetic-Therapy is among the leading hair transplant clinic in Kolkata. To know more about treatment of hair loss you must visit our website.