It is quite amazing to note that male gynecomastia is a condition which affects over a third of the world’s total population. It is true though this is a condition which may not pose a grave threat to one’s life. However it might cause great embarrassment to males suffering from this condition.  Cosmetic Therapy is one of the leading cosmetic surgery clinics in Kolkata offering surgical treatment for the problem. Through this blog, we will try to make you aware of some facts about Gynecomastia or male breast reduction surgery.

What the Male Breast Reduction Surgery involves?

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In Gynecomastia the male breasts gets enlarged much like females. This happens owing to stubborn fat and glandular tissue getting excessively deposited into the breasts. The male breast reduction involves surgery to decrease the breast size by excision of excessive breast tissue along with liposuction procedure. You must realize that no medication as such can cure gynecomastia. This surgery imparts normal male chest contour without breast prominence. Following the surgery for breast reduction chest binder is immediately applied. This is done to prevent collection of fluid. The best part about the surgery is that patient may be discharged on the same day or on the next day. This depends on the type of anesthesia which is administered on the patient. However there may be some minor side effects following the gynecomastia surgery. These are as follows:

Side effects and postoperative complications of gynecomastia surgery

Following the surgery, there may be some minor complications like overcorrection or under correction of breasts. Others could be side effects like bleeding, skin and nipple areola complex necrosis, fat liquefaction and infection. However, these side effects can easily be avoided if the surgery is done by a reputed Cosmetic surgeon.

Cosmetic Therapy: Best Cosmetic surgery clinic for gynecomastia surgeries

If you are to undergo male breast reduction surgery it is best that you have it done at a reputed clinic by a leading cosmetic surgeon. At Cosmetic Therapy the gynecomastia surgeries are performed by Dr. Jayanta Kumar Saha, a proficient surgeon in the field. He has a very vast experience and has performed many successful surgeries within a short period of time. So in case you are looking for treating gynecomastia in Kolkata, then you must get the same done at Cosmetic Therapy. The best part about Cosmetic Therapy is that here surgeries are carried out at affordable rates and involves minimum budget. To know more about gynecomastia surgeries visit our website.