Gynaecomazia is a condition refers to feminization of male breast.Male feels shy to uncover his upper part of body in public place due to voluminous breast.In this abnormal condition, all three components of breast i.e. skin,fat and gland are excess altogether ,combinedly or  individually.In early stage only fat is excess but with severity both both fat and gland are enlarged.In advanced stage skin is also excess.

Gynaecomastia is common in adolescence due to alteration of male hormone and usually  subsides automatically.In old age ,Gynaecomazia occurs due to deprivation of male hormone.Various diseases like liver and kidney diseases, hormonal disturbances ,drugs for  antiepileptics,ulcer healing drugs,cardiac drugs may be responsible.

Excessive fat is cleared by liposuction,glandular tissue is excised out but in severe degree ,skin excess is removed in second stage. Man Boob surgery is usually performed under general anaesthesia and patient gets discharged on next day.

Side effects are minimal like bruise,crater or depression in nipple areolar region ,infection and infection.

Patient goes back to home with lot of confidence and not teased anymore.