The problem of hair loss in young men in India is a rapidly growing problem for many. There are a host of problems which is causing this menace. The adverse effects which hair fall brings about, range from lack of self confidence to depression. We are sure as a young man in case you are suffering from this rampant problem you would go all out to resolve the problem. These could even mean going in for hair transplantation. But before you do that we thought it would be a good idea to make you aware of the hair mistakes you must avoid.

Mistakes which result in increased hair loss in men

Not washing out the shampoo completely

It is good to have shampoo on a regular basis. However while doing so you must ensure that you wash off the shampoo completely. Leftover shampoo residue can do more damage than not shampooing enough. This would attract dirt causing your hair to get greasier. Ultimately this could be a leading cause for your hair loss. 

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Not allowing your hair to dry before you use a hair styling product

Before application of any hair styling product to your hair, you must ensure that your hair is completely dry. This causes damage to your hair and may lead to hair fall. 

Choosing the wrong hair style might lead to hair loss

Choosing the right hairstyle is important not only for your overall looks but also to ensure that the same does not damage your hair. So choose the hairstyle which will suit your face shape, hair type, personality and at the same time ensure that it does not damage your hair and lead to hair fall.

Growing your hair longer to cover your bald patch

Hair loss is an inevitable part of growing older. Many people indulge in concealing a receding hairline by growing more hair at the front of the head. But you must realize that in case you do so it only makes bald patches more obvious. So avoid doing this. 

Washing your hair too often or not enough may actually have an adverse effect 

The frequency of washing your hair should depend on your hair type, quality of your hair, how many products you use or how much you normally sweat on a regular basis. So you in case you are suffering from rapid hair fall you must consult and expert in the field to find out the best solution for your problem. 

Scratching your scalp while you wash your hair

This may another reason which might lead to hair loss. The reason for this is that scratching can actually cause scalp irritation and hair follicles to weaken and fall. Instead of scratching your hair while shampooing or washing you must gently massage your hair. This will help to bring in more blood circulation to your hair scalp and hair follicles and promote hair health.

In conclusion we can say that by avoiding the above mentioned common mistakes you might restrict hair fall to some extent. But along with avoiding these mistakes you must also consult an expert in the field of hair fall treatment. We at Cosmetic Therapy offer best quality hair loss treatment in Kolkata. To know more about our services please visit our website.