Are you aware of the fact that some men may develop enlarged breast tissue? When this occurs the medical condition is known as Gynecomastia. It may be quite embarrassing for some men to discuss the issue. This is why it may lead to a lot of myths and misconceptions surrounding the issue. At Cosmetic Therapy we offer treatment for gynecomastia through surgery. In this blog we will try to clear some of the myths about this condition

  • You can use creams or pills to treat gynecomastia

You should be aware of the fact some companies try to market and capitalize on people who are dealing with body issues. They might mislead people and also to try to convince you for using their creams and products. But these are generally not effective. The best way to remove excess breast tissue and treat is by means of  gynecomastia surgery.

  • “All you need to do is exercise to get rid of the extra fat”

For treating gynecomastia this may not be the case. By means of work outs it would help you to reduce fat in the chest area. However you must note that glandular tissue cannot be eliminated with simple exercise. The tissue must be removed surgically.

  • “Your man boobs are just fat”

It must be noted that both men and women’s breasts are made up of breast gland tissue and fat. However with gynecomastia, there are excess amounts of breast gland tissue. Along with it there also may be accumulation of fat. In some instances, men may be dealing with pseudogynecomastia, which is a different condition. This condition could be resolved with physical exercise.

  • “It’s all about genetics”

You must be aware of the fact that though genetics could be a factor, but any man can be affected by gynecomastia. It could be triggered by factors such as the use of recreational drugs, age, and the use of steroids, certain medical prescription and many more.


     It is very difficult to treat Gynecomastia


Even if you area affected with gynecomastia, you need not have to endure it over a a lifetime. It is very treatable, and often treatment delivers excellent results. Male breast reduction surgery is an excellent way to get rid of the excess breast tissue and thereafter restore a flattened appearance to your chest.

To conclude we can say that if you are willing and ready to get rid of the excessive male breasts, it is important to find the right cosmetic surgeon who can effectively perform the surgery. At Cosmetic Therapy the surgeries are performed by Dr. J.K Saha who is very eminent in the field. To know more please visit our website.