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Cosmetic Therapy is the best place for availing treatments of severe wounds and burns. If you have recently suffered a bad road traffic injury or a Facial fracture injury, then we can understand how appalling and traumatic it can be. Apart from the great pain, you would have suffered the accident may have caused deep scars on your face and skin. You might be very worried about your appearance as a result of the accident. So whether it a face injury or a hand injury you might be thinking that these would leave indelible marks for your entire life. If so, the good news is that today with the latest cosmetic treatments you can have permanent solutions to the problem and that too at the most affordable cost. Cosmetic Therapy is the best Cosmetic Surgery Clinic in Kolkata where you can avail the best cosmetic treatments at very affordable costs. 

How Plastic Surgery Help in treating Wounds and Scars?

There could be different types of injuries which can be caused by accidents or burns. It could be a burn caused loss of sensation or led to a tendon & nerve injury which might have caused limited mobility. Whatever is the damage, but with the latest cosmetic procedures, these can be set right. In fact, with the right Cosmetic Surgeon, you can ensure that burn contracture is best-taken care of and that the revision of old scar does not recur. There are many advanced techniques in cosmetic surgery and procedures which have emerged. With these latest cosmetic procedures, even the very serious skin conditions like the Cancer of Skin and Soft tissue can be treated and cured to some extent.

Let us take a look at some of the latest treatments in this regard:

Skin Grafts

This is a fairly standard plastic surgery procedure which is usually used to treat burn patients. Here the skin is removed from one part of the body and is transplanted into the damaged part. There are two types of Skin Grafting procedures which are usually used. But the procedure must be carried out at the right cosmetic clinic. The recovery from this procedure is usually quite fast, which is usually less than three weeks. However, you need proper post-treatment care to be taken to ensure that side-effects like skin infections can be prevented.

Micro Surgery

It is possible that as a result of an accident you might have lost a finger, a toe, ear or even a part of your lips. In such cases, Micro Surgery can be used for having the same re-attached. This is the general procedure used for reconstructive procedures. Hereby the use of a microscope the cosmetic surgeon can sew the tiny blood vessels or even nerves, and thus the damage caused may also be repaired with the help of this cosmetic procedure. This might also be found to be quite useful for treating Arterial & venous ulcer.

Free flap Procedure

The Free Flap Procedure is usually used for conducting cosmetic procedure like Breast Reconstruction Surgeries and so on. This is also the procedure which is also used for Head and Neck Cancer Surgery for removing the cancer tissues.

Tissue Expansion

The cosmetic procedure which has also gained popularity in recent times is the Tissue expansion procedure. This is the technique which enables the skin to grow “extra skin”, which becomes essential for reconstructive purposes. Here this is ensured by the means of an instrument which is known as the “balloon expander”, under the skin where the repair is usually needed. This is another very useful cosmetic procedure which is quite frequently being used by cosmetic surgeons, especially for reconstructive purposes.

Other Popular Cosmetic Procedures

There are many modern cosmetic procedures like the Liposuction, Abdominoplasty, facelift surgeries, Rhinoplasty. 

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So if you are looking for the best cosmetic therapy clinic in Kolkata, Cosmetic Therapy is the best place where you can get the best treatments at the most affordable rates.