Baldness appears when hair fall is more than hair growth.It may be due to many causes.Whatever may be the cause, person lands up with bald head and loses of confidence. Hair transplantation is the last and final answer. 

Regular scalp massage may be beneficial.It improves blood circulation to scalp and reduces stress.Massage hair dry or wet depending upon personal preference for at least five minutes.wet hair needs attention to be brushed delicately to remove any tangle.Some prefer wash with shampoo,condition then rinse before massage hair with soft bristle for hair growth. Use fingertips not fingernail to avoid breakage of hair strands and injury to scalp.Put two or three drops of essential oil like lavender, cedarwood or rosemary on fingertips and massage scalp on a circular motion in same manner.

benefits of head massage for hair growth

Hair should be devoid of any skin disorders like psoriasis or eczema which may cause exacerbation of diseased conditions on massage.Soft bristled brush may replace fingertips.

Functions of head massage on

1.Increases scalp blood flow.

2.Conditioning of scalp.

3.Strengthen hair roots.

4.Relax mind and reduce stress.

5. Increased blood flow will result in increased intake of nutrients.

So scalp massage regularly with or without natural oil is a household remedy which keeps you away from hair transplantation.