Pseudogynecomastia is a condtion which is found sometimes in obese male person due to excess fat deposition in chest area.Here  pathology is over deposition of fat in chest region.  Eat healthier,get stronger and fix posture are three main key treatments to reduce pseudogynaecomastia.Regular exercise will reduce fat and weight from the body as well as from breast too.Avoidance of junk food is also recommended.
 Treatment of gynaecomastia and Pseudogynaecomastia
 Gynaecomastia, man boob overgrowth or feminization of male breast  is formed by either excess fatty tissue or excess glandular tissue or mostly in combination of these two components with or without skin excess.It can occur due to excess estrogen level,side effects of drugs,obesity or some pathological problem.No exercise can reduce gynaecomastia.Liposuction combined with subcutaneous mastectomy is the ideal surgery for gynaecomazia. Treatment of gynaecomazia is common cosmetic surgery in kolkata.