Hair loss or Alopecia may be due to various reasons such as aging, heredity, menopause, pregnancy, illness or side effects of drugs. Whatever may be the underlying cause, the only time-tested answer is hair transplantation.
To avoid hair fall, the inexpensive and simple way is to stop hair fall by green tea drinking.
Green tea is processed from leaves of Camellia sinensis which is available in market as beverages and folk medicines. Green tea contains many health-beneficial agents like polyphenols, flavonoids, vit A, C, E, selenium, manganese and chromium.
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Green tea extract has antioxidant effect which blocks 5 -alpha reductase enzyme responsible for conversion of testosterone to DHT (Dihyrotestosterone), main culprit for hair fall. It contains an amazing agent, epigallocatechin gallete(EGCG) which pevents hair fall.
It has also other beneficiary effects on body like reduces bad cholesterol level,hence reduces risk of heart disease and also prevents cancer,kidney stones.
Green tea although first used in China but now it has gained its popularity in all over world including India. Recommended dose is three cups per day. No side effect is detected.