Hair loss is something that is a reality for millions of people across the globe. With rising pollution levels, coupled with genetic reasons, losing hair is not something that has just happened to you! It is quite normal to be upset about these bald patches on your head, taking considerable shine off your looks. But, there is nothing to lose hope! With the help of hair transplantation, you can go up the glam quotient quickly. Thanks to the strides in technology, this hair transplantation in Kolkata is among the best in the world.

The question you must ask is, do you qualify for hair transplantation? The first point you must keep in mind is how the process is done. Hair follicles from the hair surplus parts of your scalp or body are picked up and grafted on the bald patches. In other words, there must be enough body hair or scalp hair from where the donor hair follicles will be picked up. If that is available, you can definitely go in for a body hair transplantation. From a 4mm donor hair graft, 8 to 20 healthy strands of hair is expected to crop up. However, donor hair follicles cannot be picked up from areas which are already beginning to thin out, indicating eventual baldness.

Hair Transplantation Centre in Kolkata

The age and baldness tendency that you have will be considered before you get a hair transplant in Kolkata. Genetic reasons rank among the very top of the list as the cause of baldness. Moreover, doctors and surgeons who will carry out the process need to be convinced that the donor hair source is not an area that is headed for baldness, like I mentioned in the earlier paragraph. This means that you must have access to the best eyes in the business, something that you will find with us here at Cosmetic-Therapy. You want experienced professionals who will look into your case and give you the right kind of advice, especially in these matters.

There is another point that you have to know before you go in for hair transplantation. There must not be discrepancies between your expectations from the process and the reality. Do not get swayed by all the advertisement that you see around you, claiming to give you instant results! Instead, speak to our experts and get a scientific and realistic estimate of the progress that you can make in your case. It depends on individual persons on how quickly they respond to a hair transplant process. If you are not sure or aware of how it is going to pan out, you might feel cheated or disappointed at the end results.

Check out and get in touch with our experts to find out how it is going to be in your particular case. There is no one thing that will work for everyone!