Are you just 30 and balding rapidly? If so be rest assured that you are not the only one. Late nights, smoking, consuming alcohol and fast food, these are some habits of the lifestyle of a young India today. Unfortunately these are also factors that are taking their toll on the health of the Indian youth today. Getting bald at a young age, is just one of the adverse affects of this fast lifestyle. Hair treatment clinics in Bengaluru are getting over 700 hair transplant cases per year according to a recent study. So if you fall in that category you must know that rapid hair loss amongst young Indians is becoming quite common. 

Rapid rise of Hair transplant cases 

The number of cases of hair transplants in Bengaluru was around 250 just 3 years ago. The study also revealed that of the total cases received, 80% of the patients who opt for these surgeries are in the age group of 21 years to 30 years. The fact that the hair transplant cases have almost become thrice in just three years and that majority of them are young people as young as 21 years is particularly worrying. 

The Primary reasons for the currently growing cases

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Experts are of the opinion that the rapid growing cases of hair loss in youth today are primarily partly hereditary and partly lifestyle related. Research shows that causes like poor groundwater quality in Bengaluru, high consumption on of non-vegetarian food, a sedentary lifestyle and heavy use of plastic are some of the contributing factors. In case you are suffering from rapid hair loss then it also may be the symptom of a poorly functioning liver or polycystic ovary. However, whatever be the cause the youngsters are in no way ready to compromise on their looks as a result of baldness. They are ready to spend generously to treat the problem. 

Hair Loss treatment costs money but the youth are ready to spend 

Cost of going in for hair transplant treatment is no deterrent in youth. They are ready to shell out Rs 50,000 to Rs 3 lakhs to go in for the treatment and regain self-confidence and end embarrassment. It has been seen that with baldness in youth they have to put up with much ridicule with friends and at workplace. With the effective hair transplantation you could easily do away with this. So anyone in that age group is more than ready to spend for such treatments.

You must look for the right hair transplant surgeon for effective results

It is true that hair transplant surgeries are very effective to provide you with the right solution. But you need to be careful as well. If you are spending for the purpose, you must ensure you get the best return on what you spend. Though you need to be patient to get the right results, but get it done by a competent hair transplant surgeon is essential as well. This way you may easily prevent any adverse side effects of hair transplantation.

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