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With over 25 Years of Expertise, I have performed over 10,000 major aesthetic procedures, including:

  • Gynecomastia
  • Scar Revision & Aesthetic Surgery
  • Tummy Tuck, Liposuction & Fat Removal
  • Finger Injuries & Road Accident Surgery
  • Facial Aesthetic Plastic Surgery
  • Dermal Filler, Face Lift, and Wrinkle Removal

All at Addordable Costs

Costmetic Surgery at affordable costs

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    Why Choose

    Dr.Jayanta Kumar Saha

    Experienced Aesthetic Plastic Surgeon

    Specialized in various types of aesthetic and reconstructive procedures.We use advanced technology  for safe and assured results.

    25 + Years of Experience

    One of the leading clinics for aesthetic procedures in kolkata.We boast of providing precise results for more than a decade.

    10K + Surgeries Done

    I have done 10k plus operation during this period of time

    Personalized Care

    We understand that every patient is unique. Our treatments are customized to your specific goals.

    100% Precision

    With years of experience in the industry ,we have treated thousand’s of patients with 100% precision and helped them live a more confident life.

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    Treatments You Get


    Surgical correction of enlarged chest muscles in men.

    Facelift Treatment

    An aesthetic to remove excess skin,smooth wrinkles and aging lines.


    A non- invasive procedure to remove stubbon body fat quickly & effectively.


    Change the appearance of the nose,improve breathing or both.


    An aesthetic surgical procedure to improve the shape of the abdomen

    Scar Removal

    Scar removal treatment can do miracles for you to bring back your youthful look

    Tummy Tuck

    Aesthetic treatment to restore the youthful look of post-pregnancy bodies.

    Road Accident Surgery

    Restore deformed body and facial structure to as normality as possible after a road accident surgary.

    Here’s what my patients have to say!

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    13:52 10 Oct 19
    A great experience. Dr Jayanta Saha is a very humble and an awesome person to whom you can explain your problems as he patiently listens to it and gives the best advise.The whole surgery went through very smoothly and was well organised with every little details been told to the patient in advance. Thanks a lot sir.
    Subhajit BanerjeeSubhajit Banerjee
    10:58 24 Apr 19
    My experience with Dr Jayanta Saha was really great. The initial and follow up visits themselves setup a very positive vibe. He patiently listened to my questions and answered them in detail. The surgery itself went through smoothly. I was really happy when I saw the results first time during the post-surgery visit. The recovery was smooth and with minimal amount of pain and discomfort. Throughout this entire process Dr Saha was very supportive. Highly recommended.
    mamta sorenmamta soren
    12:00 26 Dec 17
    Dr. J.K. Saha is one of the best hair transplant and cosmetic surgeon in Kolkata. One of my friend had gone through a hair transplant surgery in Cosmetic Therapy. He is very happy with the services provided by their team.Thank you Cosmetic Therapy
    A ChakrabartiA Chakrabarti
    17:38 18 Jul 16
    Dr Jayanta Kumar Saha is a highly experienced cosmetic surgeon in Kolkata. I am deeply satisfied by the outcome of the gynecomastia surgery performed by him. I am grateful to him for operating me so efficiently. Dr Saha is also a very nice human being and I strongly recommend him to anyone looking for such an operation and that too within an affordable budget.
    Gopal NandyGopal Nandy
    05:12 05 Feb 16
    Dr. Jayanta Saha Is The Best Cosmetic Surgeon In Kolkata. I Highly Recommended To Him In The Case Of Hair Transplantation & Any Other Cosmetic Surgery. His Behaviour Is Really Very Nice. He Is Very Efficient, Very Helpful Doctor. His Supporting Staffs Are Very Experienced, Efficient, & Also Very Helpful. The Operation Costs Are Very Affordable, Within Middle Class's Budget.

    Latest WhatsApp Review from USA


    I am Chandra Sekhar Ray, who lives in the USA and on whose finger you performed a plastic surgery a fortnight ago (13 January). I should have contacted you earlier, but on a second thought I decided to wait until the bandage is opened (after 10/12 days). You might have already seen the pictures from my nephew that show how the wounds look like now. As you said, the plastic surgeon over here also said everything looks very normal. He wants to see every 7 days for now.

    I was able to return to the USA availing myself of my previously scheduled flight the next evening (14 January) after only about 20 hours of the surgery, which, absolutely, could not have been possible without your and your surgery team’s immediate intervention. In the midst of lots unfavourable gossip we regularly hear about the Kolkata doctors, you, undoubtedly, are an example. I am not sure whether any other surgeon would have gone to the extent of performing a surgery in the middle of the night to help a trauma patient to catch a flight just after 20 hours!! I do not really have any appropriate words to express my gratitude to you and your dedicated team. Please, I beg, keep up this spirit as long as you continue to serve the mankind. Thank you, Sir, with regards

    Frequently Asked Question

    Why should you go for aesthetic treament?

    When you look good, you  feel positive and happy . Aoart from this there are many other potential benefits of aesthetic treament/It builds self- image and confidence /Improves physical health,reduce obesity and extra fat to help you lead a more active life,and opens doors to numenous opportunities professionally  and personally.

    How much does it take to see results after aesthetic treatment?

    Aesthetic treatment such as rhinoplasty and facelifts takes around six to 12 months to notice full results.Depending on the intensity and complexity of the procedure ,it might take more time to recover and notice results.

    How painful is gynecomastia?

    Our patients of gynecomastia treatment in kolkata say that the treatment is not a painful as expected .In fact patients describe there discomfort as similar to what they experience after a heavy chest workout in gym.

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