Despite the tag of cosmetic surgery, hair transplantation is indeed a regular medical process. It means that you have to in sound health, in the body and in the mind. Moreover, you should know the process and how it is going to be done. All of this info will be provided to you by the clinic that you pick up to get this job done. In the same vein, there are some questions that you have to answer in order to facilitate the process.

In this post, we’re looking at some of the questions that you should answer and notify the hair transplantation experts handling your case. You should tell them the basic info about you, like age. There is no age bar as such on this process. But the factor of age does have a bearing on the process and how it can be handled best. If the age is on the lower side, for example, the changes of hair follicles growing up sooner is more pronounced than when the age is quite high.

Hair Transplantation

A staple question you should expect to answer is your lifestyle. This is a standard medical procedure where you are asked about smoking or drinking habits. Additionally, as scientific data has proved beyond reasonable doubt, stress is an important factor in how you respond to the hair transplant job. If your stress levels are abnormally high, you are likely to develop complications that the hair expert will have to defend.

The third question that requires answering is your location. This is a process that requires follow-ups and visits to the clinic. If you are located too far away from the clinic, you are in a difficult situation to undergo the process or check back again as per the requirement. If you can make arrangements for easy transport to the clinic, the problem will stand as solved.

Finally, the marital status of the person is often asked. After all, the clinic must know if you are the only decision maker in the process. If not, the other party should be made aware of the process and what to expect. It does not make any sense to have any untoward discussion later on!

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