Very often we have faced this query on right age to Visit Hair Transplant Clinic . This is the question that many youngsters are asking these days. At Cosmetic Therapy, we have to answer this question quite frequently. In this age, looks and personality matters a lot in terms of career improvement and opportunities. These green horns do not want to miss out on their place under the sun because they have thinning hair growth and receding hair lines. However, we cannot agree to something that may cause harm to their health or well-being simply because the youngsters want it! As industry leaders in hair transplantation, we are nothing if not responsible.

When do you need to visit Hair Transplant Clinic

The problem is that there cannot be one answer to this question. Also, the answer depends on each individual case. For example, a youngster at 20 may ask for hair transplantation. The call is whether it would be right to go in for the procedure so early. There are no complications involved, that is for sure. Hair transplantation is a very simple, quick process. There are no invasive surgeries involved or drugs that can have side-effects. It is a completely handled by the outdoor department of a hospital. The hitch at getting a hair transplant at 20 is that maybe there is a chance for the hair to grow thicker. Before 25, it cannot be said with certainty that hair growth will stop.

Hair Transplant Clinic in Kolkata

The right time for Visiting Hair Transplant Clinic, according to our experts at Cosmetic Therapy is 30. After this age, you can be certain that there will not be any hair growth to hide those embarrassing bald patches. A hair transplant procedure is what you need. At this age, you are definitely able to reap the benefits of being confident and looking your best. Of course, you cannot get the job done by some anonymous clinic in a side lane. It has to be a reputed and credible unit, like ours. Otherwise, you may end up paying money by the thousands and yet not be able to get satisfied with the process. There may be some ugly results waiting in store for you if the process is not done by a registered and experienced professional.

There is another side to this coin. For youngsters who have suffered burn injuries, burnt hair transplantation can be done at an early age. This process is recommended and necessary for them to help them get back their confidence and lose their insecurity about looking ugly. There cannot be a proper age to get the process done. It is the sooner, the better. Here too, you need to services of a reputed team and a certified medical practitioner for the job.

For both cases, get in touch with Cosmetic Therapy now and resolve your queries about hair transplantation.