It’s seen that now the order of the Day for Hair loss Treatment amongst Youth. Hair loss is increasing rapidly among youth than it was a decade ago. Recent studies have shown that earlier the problem was mainly observed in middle aged men. However now there is a shift in this trend. Today boys as young as 16 are complaining of receding hairline. Though the reasons are many starting from Telogen Effluvium – a typical hair loss condition. Among youngsters it is characterized by diffused hair shedding. It can also result from hormonal Imbalance (DHT), as a result of genetics. Besides stress is a major factor responsible for the acceleration of male baldness.  This is generally increases in 40s. However with stress due to stiff competition in education, career and personal issues, even youngsters are falling prey to this problem much earlier.

Tips for Hair loss Treatment :

Whatever is the reason, rapid hair loss or baldness can result in a variety of psychological and emotional disorders. It is associated with how we perceive ourselves. Plus how we think we believe other people perceive us. As a result this can lead to lack of self confidence. Even it results to low self esteem, and ultimately to complete frustration and depression.

Hair Loss Treatment in Kolkata

Hair Transplantation – the most common solution:
Given the rapidly rising cases of hair loss in India, every one especially the youth are now resorting to Hair Transplant. It is performed under local an outdoor basis on hair less areas. It is done by different methods. It includes Follicular Unit Transplantation(FUT) and Follicular Unit Extraction(FUE).

Cost of Hair Transplant:
The hair transplantation cost depends upon many factors. This varies from number of follicles, number of surgical sessions; procedures restored; etc. Exact estimation is possible only after a thorough consultation with the surgeon. However at Cosmetic Therapy the entire procedure is very affordable as compared with other cosmetic surgery clinics in Kolkata.

Complications associated With Hair Grafting procedures:
Hair implant surgery might lead to minor complications like improper and misdirected growth of hairs. So Hair Transplant surgeon mostly prefers Follicular Unit Transplantation (FUT). So wherever this is done it is very important that it is carried out under an expert Hair Transplantation Surgeon.
However at Cosmetic-Therapy, hair transplantation is done by a group of young, talented and highly skilled surgeons. The team is led by eminent Hair Transplant Surgeon , Dr. Jayanta Kumar Saha whose relentless effort along with the highly leveled skill makes, Cosmetic Therapy in Kolkata one of the most preferred destinations to treat hair loss now.