Male breast enlargement is quite common issue among male but it can also be easily rectified with the right treatment. This condition in males is known as Gynaecomastia and it can easily be rectified through cosmetic or plastic surgery. It is estimated that about 50% men suffer from gynaecomastia at some point in their life.

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Male Breast Enlargement : Why it occurs?

The problem of Gynaecomastia occurs because of hormonal imbalance in the body. This is more common during puberty. It can be exaggerated by excessive weight gain. Usually it is not a very serious problem in benign condition and only in rare cases is male breast cancer reported as a result of the problem. None the same if you find that you are suffering from a similar type of a problem you must leave the condition untreated.

Male Breast Enlargement : Why Should it Be Treated?

The reason why male breast should be treated is mainly because most of the times it causes severe psychological problems in young men, owing to their negative body image. It might even affect their careers along with social relationships. You must note that surgical treatment is available for decades. However many patients are afraid to avail treatment. This could be attributed to the fact that most of them do not realize that treatment is simple.
You should realize that with the current advanced techniques allow a short surgery through a keyhole procedure. This leads to effective and quick healing. Along with that virtually no visible scarring is visible. In the surgical procedure the surgeon would remove the excess fat and glandular tissue to leave a flat, firmer and more male-like shape of the chest.

Male Breast Enlargement : What Patients need to do for Surgical Treatments?

As a patient you would need to take a few days off from work. You might be required to avoid strenuous activities for a while. You must also note that there is only a minimal risk of infection or scarring in the surgical area. The surgery is becoming more popular now. The reason is that most men suffering from the problem realize the happiness and satisfaction of being at ease with their bodies. It should also be noted that, all types of gynecomastia surgery procedures are being done at various medical centers.

However you need the right clinic and the right surgeon for the procedure. If you are looking for a safe surgery for gynaecomastia, get in touch with us.