If you think that pink ribbon is to bring about awareness about breast cancer in women, the ribbon should also talk about breast cancer in men. Since it is quite an uncommon disease, men may often ignore the initial warning signs and might delay in seeing a doctor. 

The recent trends

You would be surprised to note that in 2017, that as many 2,470 men are estimated to be diagnosed with the disease and about 460 men will die from breast cancer as per the statistics of American Cancer Society. Apart from this, there are studies which show that one in 400 men are often at high risk of contracting the disease.  

An expert in the field is of the opinion that in most of the cases, breast cancers in men are diagnosed at more advanced stages than women. It is also seen that men may not notice breast lump. Besides they see their doctor only when the lumps have become large. Early detection and prompt treatment are the best strategies to reduce the number of male breast cancer cases. Thus it is always recommended that you invest in prevention as it can help with early diagnosis of the health problems that may become serious at later stage.

Symptoms of breast cancer you need to watch out for:

If you find a lump in the breast, it could be the most significant indicative factor. You need to realize that men possess a small and flat breast tissue, identifying a lump becomes easy. Apart from this there could be an occurrence of one or more symptoms like dimpling and scaling of skin surrounding the breast area or nipple, nipple pain and discharge, sores around the nipple. Along with this there could be under arm enlargement of lymph nodes and areola region.

In certain exceptional cases like enlargement of breasts in men called ‘gynecomastia’, it may lead to breast cancer.

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In the initial stages, when the disease has a presence only in the breast or armpit, (stage I and II) surgery would usually come into play. This surgery would include complete removal of the breast area with a clearance of the lymph nodal area in order to form the mainstay of treatment.

To restrain the recurrence, the patient might also have to go through radiation, chemotherapy or both, depending upon the stage of the disease. Apart from this undergoing hormonal therapy often helps in curbing the disease for long. Subsequent to these extensive treatments, patients are also given anti-hormonal drugs to help them recover with the after-effects of surgery and radiation therapy. 

In conclusion we can say that you need to be careful for any abnormalities as pointed above. In case you are looking to treat “Gynecomastia” then Cosmetic Therapy is the leading cosmetic surgery treatment clinic offering the best cosmetic surgery treatments in Kolkata.