The problem of rapid hair loss is playing havoc amongst most in India today. What is even worse is that this problem was mainly prevalent in the middle aged men of India even just about a couple of decades back. But now this menace is sparing no age group and almost everyone including young men and women are falling prey to it. The adverse effects of rapid hair fall are also many. These range from lack of self esteem, frustration to even depression. Thus most of the youth in India who are suffering from this problem are desperately looking for a solution.

Hair transplantation: The most popular solution

In recent times the procedure of hair transplantation has clearly emerged as the most effective and popular solution. However though this is indeed a very effective solution to the problem but the procedure is by no way cheap. However to find out a solution to this problem many often go out of the way to fund the hair transplant surgery. But there is a good news for people who want to go for a hair transplantation, they can now get a loan for hair transplant surgery. 

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Loan for hair transplantation

Bajaj Finance, the lending arm of Sanjeev Bajaj-led Bajaj Finserv, is all set to repeat its  success in consumer finance in a all together in a new category. This is in the new category of elective healthcare like cosmetic and aesthetic surgeries.

The finance company is to fund procedures like dental braces, stem cell storage and hair transplantation. However at the same time company sources say that it will not finance procedures that are life threatening or the ones that are covered by insurance. The lending approach for this new type of financing would be similar to other consumer finance loans. Repayment could be done in equated instalments over six months. The financing costs would have to be borne by the provider of the service. But the credit risk will be taken by Bajaj Finance. However the service provider has to be approved by Bajaj Finance.

Company officials are of the of the opinion that most of products that Bajaj Finance are super discretionary, like the iPhone. It is aspirational and offers much better quality despite same features being available in cheaper phones. It is the discretionary nature of spend, because of which financing increases velocity for the provider. Experts say that elective health care financing is big business in North America. Big Finance companies like Synchrony Financial have loan books of over $7 billion in the sector. This is very large in terms of financing in India. Bajaj Finance believes that care credit is a Rs 20,000-crore business and they hope to get a 10% market share in two years time. 

In conclusion we can say that Hair Transplantation has indeed become big business in India. However before you decide to go in for the procedure you need to get it done at the right hair clinic under a competent hair transplant surgeon. To know more about Hair transplantation and about hair loss treatment please visit our website.