Fat is universally present all over the body and makes skin smooth,tight and youthful.It also renders beautiful and attractive curves and prominent attributes but excessive fat deposition leads to plumpy and bumpy shaped,enhances aging process and makes the person disabled.

Who doesn’t want to look good and young?

Overweight is unsighty.Obesity is a curse to mankind when it is uncontrolled.Many diseases are associated with obesity like Diabetes,heart disease,osteoarthritis and respiratory insufficiency.Obesity may be due to hereditary,overeating or hormonal and metabolic problems.Whatever may be the cause ,fat should be extracted from the body by any means.

Obesity can be categorized into mild,moderate and severe depending on theĀ  severity.Treatment also varies according to its severity.

Mild degree can be treated with diet control with restricted fat and carbohydrate intake but advanced stages of obesity needs fat extraction surgery alongwith conservative treatment and household remedies.

Fat deposits in many parts of the body mostly abdomen,flanks, thigh and arm.Target sites are marked and fat is sucked out by extraction surgery.Liposuction is done by various means without much complications by expert plastic surgeon.

Stubborn fat can not be removed by mere exercise and diet control.Fat removal surgery is the sole satisfying weapon in a shortwhile.

patient looks fresh,rejuvenated,featherly light.He gets back his lost confidence and becomes lithe and energetic.

Obese are usually liers and addicted to overeating.Junk foods,excessive calorie intake with less calorie burnt out ,sedentary lifestyle are the leading cause .sometimes various treatments alongwith fat removal surgery may be associated with councelling of the patient.