When people are generally in the dark about something, they imagine risks. Usually these risks are not just figments of the imagination but downright absurd. For a process like hair transplantation, which is largely unknown to people other than the name of the process, there are bound to be talks of risks. It will be presumptuous to dismiss all of these risks as nonsense. In fact, some of them make a lot of sense and is actually there! In this post, we shall segregate the real from the fantasy about hair transplant treatment with the help of our experts here at Cosmetic Therapy.

Hair Transplantation Myths

Let us tell you at the start that hair transplantation is a surgical process. It is practically impossible for a surgical process to be 100% risk-free. No process can claim to be so, unless they are taking you for a ride! The same goes for a hair transplant job. The area that goes under the scalpel, the scalp, may develop some complications like swelling or rashes. These are usually minor hiccups that can be handled with the help of antibiotics or other medicines. There can be some pain during the immediate few days after the surgery. Your doctor will surely prescribe some painkillers that you can use.

Hair Transplantation Treatment in Kolkata

There is another risk that you should know about: folliculitis. This is the technical term to denote infection of the follicles. The grafted follicles are transplanted into a new area. In this area, the follicles are foreign bodies. There is a theoretical chance that there will be some conflict between the host and the guest cells. It may lead to swelling. Compress treatment specified by your surgeon or simply antibiotics can resolve this issue. You must also be informed about shock loss. This is the sudden loss of transplanted hair. You may feel that the process has got undone somehow. That is not the case. Shock loss of hair is usually temporary and you will get the benefit of the surgery.

You must know here that these risks are on the table only for some cases. Not every job of hair transplant is riddled with these risks, though they are always on the cards. The skill and knowledge of the surgeon is able to cut through most of the risk factors. Your post-operative care is also quite important to ensure that these risks do not visit you! You can give yourself a better chance of doing this risk-free by picking a reliable brand name like Cosmetic Therapy. That way, you know you are in the best hands!