We live in times when technology and Science including Medical Science have made rapid advances. This has not only helped us to fight deadly diseases but also through the latest cosmetic procedures, one can look beautiful and young. So whether it a reconstructed jaw, a beautiful looking pair of lips or a sharp nose you would already be aware that almost anything is possible with the modern cosmetic treatments. Amongst the latest developments that have taken place in the field “Hymenoplasty” too has gained much popularity. In case you have come across the term and wondering what it is, let us take a look at this procedure and certain important facts:

Why Hymenoplasty is necessary in certain cased?

Hymenoplasty is a term which basically comes from the term “Hymen”. This is in simple terms a thin membrane that partially covers the opening of the female Vagina. It is a half-moon shaped membrane that is there at the bottom of the vaginal opening. At times this hymen can get broken due to various factors. These could be due to anything from sexual intercourse to tampon insertion, certain physical exercise and so on. This is sometimes associated with the virginity of the woman. 

In certain cultures it is assumed in case the hymen is broken that it means that the lady or girl is no longer a virgin. Thus a hymen that is intact is often considered to be a symbol of virginity. In case this is broken no matter for what reason, then in certain cultures, it is assumed that the girl or woman is no longer a virgin. It is in these cases that certain women and communities may feel the necessity of this broken hymen reconstructed. The reconstruction of the broken hymen is done through Hymenoplasty.

What happens during the procedure?

During the surgery, the patient has usually required only local anesthesia but it might also be given a sedative to stay more comfortable during the entire procedure. Here in this surgery, the membrane is created using the flap of the vaginal line. You can rest assured that the entire surgery does not consume too much of your time. What also you need to note is that once done the healing is also pretty faster these days. In case you are very worried about scars, you would be happy to know that if done properly the process will leave no scars as such behind. 

It is true that nowadays with the growing popularity of cosmetic procedures; Hymenoplasty too has become quite common and is being opted by many women who need it. However, if you too are considering having it carried out you should opt for the right cosmetic clinic under the right cosmetic surgeon who has sufficient experience in the field. In Kolkata, Cosmetic Therapy is one of the leaders in the field.