Hair loss and baldness has been on the rise in India. Only about a decade ago people in their middle ages complained of hair loss and baldness. But the scenario has dramatically changed since then and the menace of this problem is sparing no one. Even young boys as in their school going ages are losing hair rapidly. The causes and types of Hair Loss may be many. However what we are taking lightly today may soon be a serious problem in days to come especially now that our appearance plays such a key role, even at work place. With sudden loss of hair or baldness you may be a victim of ridicule at office and even at social occasions. So with this rampant problem of Hair Fall , it is important that you become aware of the initial symptoms of Hair loss and treat the problem early. Cosmetic Therapy, being a leading of hair transplantation clinic in Kolkata, in this blog will try to create awareness of the initial symptoms and types of hair losses.

Hair Fall can appear in different ways, depending on its cause. Whereas some hair fall may be gradual, while others may be rapid. Some Hair loss may be of temporary nature while there may be some permanent ones too. Some and initial symptoms may be as follows:

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Signs And Symptoms of Hair Loss:

Gradual Thinning Of Hair On The Top Of The Head: This type of hair loss occurs in both males and females.
In men hair recedes from the forehead and gradually this widens. In women hair is retained on the forehead but the gap of the parting on the top of the head tends to widen with time.

Circular Patchy bald spots: Sometime the hair loss may be in the form of a circular patchy bald spots. This type of hair fall mainly affects the scalp but in some cases may also occur in the beard or the eye brows.

Full Body Hair loss: Some medical treatments and health conditions like chemotherapy in case of treatment of cancer may lead to this condition.

Patchy Scaling spread over the scalp: Owing to ring worms and similar conditions, there may be patchy scaling on the scalp leading to hair loss. The Patchy scaling may be accompanied by redness and swelling.

Sudden Loosening of hair: Sometimes a sudden physical or emotional shock can cause hair loosening. Often handfuls of hairs may come out while combing or washing of your hair. This causes a gradual thinning of the hair.

Whatever the cause hormonal changes like androgenic alopecia, certain medical conditions, Family history (hereditary), excessive stress, improper nutrition and poor food habits, but it may cause various types of hair fall. The symptoms of such hair fall too have been explained above. But in case any of these conditions are noticed, it is in no way to be ignored and a visit to the doctor is a must.

We at Cosmetic therapy are experts in the field. So in case you reside in Kolkata and observe any of the above mentioned of hair loss, you must immediately visit us.