In this fast moving world Baldness and Hair loss create a big problem in terms of appearance. Irrespective of age, everyone wants to look young. What could be more disturbing than rapid Hair Fall or hairlessness? The causes for balding and hair loss are many. Some may be genetic reasons like Androgenic Alopecia. Others may be life style factors like stress and diet. The excessive use of hair styling products also damages our hair. We may have little control over these factors. Thankfully advanced Hair loss solutions, hair transplant, and hair fall treatments have now become imperative to cope up with the increasing menace of extreme hair fall and baldness. This is both in men and women of all ages. In this blog we will try to make you aware of ways you could treat alopecia and excessive hair fall.

Extensions of Artificial Hair

Artificial hair or synthetic fibers are sometimes used to treat hair loss. The process involves taping fibers to the existing hair. This provides volume and length to the existing hair. Special type of glue is used to affix the fiber to the hair. Later these can be removed with glue remover. The glue used prevents damage to the existing, natural hair. Hair bonding again involves the application of a special adhesive. There may be soft bonding or hard bonding. The material used in both of them is different. Fusion is a method where a gun similar to a glue gun is used. This gives a more natural look to the hair. This process requires more time. It allows for more frequent washing of hair and thus serves as an advantage.

Baldness problem solved

Hair transplantation a permanent baldness cure

Artificial hair extensions only serve as a temporary solution to the problem of baldness. This is why permanent solutions in the form of hair transplant surgeries are gaining rapid popularity.

Hair Transplant also known as Hair restoration surgery. It is a type of cosmetic surgery wherein hair is collected from the back of the head as well as different body parts. Thereafter they are implanted in the bald areas of the scalp of the head which may in the centre point of the head or the front. This procedure is called as Hair Grafting as well. Primarily the process can be done through two major techniques which are most widely accepted: 1. Follicular Unit Transplantation (F.U.T) and 2. Follicular Unit Extraction (F.U.E). The FUT is the more popular of the two treatments.

It is true that these type of surgeries offer a permanent solution to the problem. But care must be taken in regard to the postoperative side effects which may develop. These may be growth of misdirected hair growth after the transplantation. Others include minor infections, cysts. Thus you must take care about the clinic from which this procedure is being carried out. The role of the hair transplantation surgeon is critical for the success of the surgery. So you must ensure that he or she is competent enough to carry out the procedure. Besides the Post operative care is also very important.

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