Today in our blog we will discuss on a common disorder in men and boys named Gynecomastia. This is a disorder of the endocrine system which leads to increase in the size of male breast tissue.

The development of gynecomastia is related to pubertal changes. This condition is more prevalent among adolescent boys. However, the majority of pubertal gynecomastia cases get resolved within two years of the initiation of treatment. In some cases, it has an association with disease states.It can be seen in individuals with Klinefelter syndrome or disorders involving the endocrine system or metabolic dysfunction. This can also happen due to using of certain medications or in older males due to decline in testosterone production.

Main Causes of gynecomastia

Disturbances in the endocrine system that lead to increasing in estrogens to androgens ratio are responsible for the development of gynecomastia.This can occur even if the levels of estrogens and androgens are both appropriate but the ratio is altered. A Physician diagnoses the disorder after examining the detailed history and physical examination of the patient. Medical treatment of this disorder that has persisted more than two years is mostly ineffective. Medications such as aromatase inhibitors have been found to be effective in rare cases but surgical removal of the excess tissue is usually the most effective way to treat this disorder.

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Signs and symptoms 

The classic feature of gynecomastia is male breast enlargement. It is usually soft, compressible, and mobile subcutaneous in nature.The enlargement of the breast may occur on one side or on both sides.Males with this disorder have some psychological issues as well. They may appear anxious or stressed due to concerns about the breast cancer.

What are not the Symptoms of gynecomastia

Dimpling of the skin and nipple retraction are not usual features of gynecomastia.Milky discharge from the nipple is also not the usual occurrence. Although this can occur in an individual with a prolactin-secreting tumor.

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