Every major trauma brings along its fair share of nightmares. For some, these nightmares take on their whole life. When the traumatic incident leaves an indelible mark on a person, it is so much more difficult to forget. For victims suffering from burn injuries, life becomes very difficult to live. Burn marks over the skin look ugly and people having them feel very conscious of what onlookers think of them. For those with burnt hair, the problem is more acute because skin can regenerate itself but hair cannot, if it get scarred. With modern science and technology, there is help at hand. Burnt hair transplantation is what we are talking about here. Cosmetic Therapy has some experience in dealing with such cases.

These are people whose hair growth becomes stunted because of burn injuries or trauma. The scarred areas are unable to produce hair on its hair. What it needs is surgical help to make the hair grow back again. There are trained professionals to do this kind of hair transplant in Kolkata. The process is not as simple as it is for the regular hair transplantation. For burn victims, more caution and care needs to be exercised before the job gets done.

Hair Transplant Treatment in Kolkata

The process, though not at simple, is more or less similar. Hair from a donor area, usually a hair surplus part of the body, is picked up for grafting. By the help of a small surgery, the donor hair is transplanted into the burnt or charred hairless area. It takes some time for the new hair to find its roots in this new setup. It is also a fact that the transplanted hair may eventually fall off. However, the roots that it digs in will shape up to form new hair follicles. The process, as evident, is very much like it is in the regular hair transplant job. The only difference is that because the recipient area is burnt, extra care needs to be exercised on the part of the surgeon.

Burnt hair transplantation in Kolkata has changed the course of life for many victims of burn trauma. With their injuries thwarting their confidence and robbing them of life’s many opportunities, they approach Cosmetic Therapy. Thanks to the expertise of our doctors and practitioners, we have been able to give them burnt hair transplantation in Kolkata. For them as well as for us, these cases have been more rewarding. With their new-found confidence and self-esteem, they are now leading completely normal lives, holding good jobs and forging relationships.

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