It is true that India is one of the fastest growing economies in the world. We have grown and made major advances on various fronts. What is also very encouraging is that the way the modern woman of today is perceived and looked upon is much different from the way we’re looked down upon in the past. In spite of all the advances which have been made, it is quite unfortunate to note that in India virginity amongst women is still considered almost like a virtue and lack of it is almost perceived as a vice. It is therefore that there is a lot stake for women, when it comes to a woman’s hymen.

What is the Hymen and how it gets damaged?

Hymen as you might know is a membrane which partially or completely closes the opening of the vagina. Sexual intercourse may not be the only reason why the hymen gets ruptured or torn. Certain other activities like swimming, horseback riding, and medical examination could also cause bed the reasons why the hymen could get too torn off. Owing to cultural reasons or personal preferences you might want the hymen to be intact. The good news now is that with the advances in cosmetic surgeries the hymen too can be repaired or even reconstructed through the process of Hymenoplasty.

Hymen Stitching:

During this surgery the main aim is to stitch up the broken hymen or to stitch up the remaining hymen. It is seen here that the sutures of surgery are usually dissolvable. Thus, in this surgery generally there is no requirement for the patient to go back to the clinic for removing the sutures.
For this surgery a local or general anesthesia may be used during the procedure to reduce pain or discomfort. It would take about 30 to 40 minutes for the complete restoration process. As a patient you might be to go back home. You can expect a full recovery within weeks following the procedure.

Hymen Reconstruction:

If the cosmetic surgeon carrying out the cosmetic surgery finds that the remaining hymen tissue is not enough for stitching, a reconstruction of the hymen may be considered. The doctor would harvest live tissue from the patient’s body your for the reconstruction of the hymen. It is seen that the best-matched tissues will be found in the inner labia. The best thing following advancements in cosmetic procedures, even this process usually can be done an outpatient basis. It requires might take only a couple of hours. As a patient you could spring back into your normal life routine within about 3 to 4 days.

In conclusion, we can say that as a patient for whatever reasons you might want your hymen to be repaired or reconstructed it can be done easily through Hymenoplasty.