Regular hair washing keeps your clean and hygienic. How often we should go for hair wash? Too many hair wash remove natural oil from hair which has protective role on it. Everyday wash is recommended especially if your hair gets sweaty during sport or exercise,usage of gel,wax or hair spray. Before going to bed,one should wash off his hair to remove gel or wax which may block pores of scalp, ultimately these toxic substances get absorbed into bloodstream causing harmful effects to hair including systemic adverse effects.

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Sweat contains lactic acid which has harmful effect on hair.It also sometimes DHT(Dihydrotestosterone) which causes calcification of scalp leads to poor blood supply and hair fall.

Sebum contains DHT causes hair fall.Sometimes serum sebum level may be increased by insufficient level of coenzyme A.Regular hair washing by shampoo removes sebum from scalp and prevents hair fall.Sebum usually has good effects like shinning and conditioner to hair.Poor shampoo sometimes contains sodium lauryl sulphate which has deleterious effect on hair.

Sweat and sebum together form acid mantle that protects hair,so normal level of these ingredients are beneficial to hair.
Shampooing should target scalp not shaft of hair on the contrary conditioner should be used more on hair not on scalp. While hair washing , conditioner should be applied on towel dried hair and hot water should not be put on scalp.Regular scalp massage is essential and combing or hair brushing causing improved blood supply to scalp.