Gynecomastia is in simple terms a medical condition wherein makes develop female-like breasts mainly due to hormonal imbalances. This is quite commonly referred to as ‘man-boobs’ and is caused due to the swelling of breast tissues in males. It is true that with regular exercise expanding several months will marginally reduce this swelling. However, for getting quick results, it is best that you opt for Gynecomastia male breast reduction surgery.

How you can get rid of gynecomastia?

With the advancement of medical treatment today you could have certain non-surgical alternatives to get rid of Gynecomastia. These could include things like dieting, Ayurvedic medicines, gym, and even pills could aid is a certain way in a few cases in case of mild gynecomastia. It is to be noted that pre-pubertal or pubertal gynecomastia in boys usually requires no treatment. The reason is that it usually as it resolves on its own once hormone levels return to normal. However, in case of more severe cases, surgical methods become important.

Preparation for Surgery:

  • It is necessary for a complete medical evaluation done for the condition
  • You need to avoid smoking and also it is best that you do not  take anti-inflammatory drugs and herbal supplements
  • It is best that you appraise your surgeon about any medication that you have been taking
  • Get to know in details about the procedure time and duration of stay in the clinic.

Usual basic steps of surgery

  • It begins with the marking of pectoral (chest) muscles and glandular tissue for chest reshaping is done
  • Following this, the administration of anesthesia is done. It is seen that in most cases – local anesthesia with light sedation is preferred.
  • This is followed by application of Tumescent solution infiltration
  • Thereafter the all-important VASER Liposuction is carried out. This basically involves  the removal of the extra fat deposited in the chest area
  • In the final stage, the cosmetic surgeon is involved in the complete removal of excess glandular breast tissue. The main aim why this is done is to eliminate any chances of re-occurrence.

Some common side effects which might develop after surgery:

Usually, it is seen that there could be some minor side effects. These include the following

  • You could have swelling of the area which has been operated upon
  • In some cases, there could even be some bruising at some part of the chest
  • Some patients could also suffer from some pain and discomfort
  • Following the surgery, you could also experience some numbness in the area.

One common concern is that whether any scars could be left following the surgery after recovery. You must note that if done from the right clinic under a reliable cosmetic surgeon, there might be a minor surgery scar surrounding the nipple region. However the same usually blends with the surrounding color change on the skin in this area.

So it is best that you get the surgery done from the right clinic under a renowned cosmetic surgeon, even if it costs a bit extra as it is worth the investment.


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